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The aim is that together we can work towards helping you feel whole and content with your life. I offer a calm, relaxing space which gives you the opportunity to talk freely.

I'd love to hear from you if you are ready to talk to someone who will really listen to you. Some of the issues I work with are Anger Management (Relational) // Anxiety Management // Depression // Relationship issues // Addictions . Meridian Energy therapist for unblocking negative energies , speedily Hi - my name is Cheryl.

I have worked within the emergency services for over 3 decades and have been involved in psychology & counselling for over 20 years. Welcome to my profile I do hope this helps you to find out if I am the best person to help you.

I offer a holistic and down to earth approach in dealing with the many challenges that life brings.

I feel it's important to work with the whole person and all...

I believe that happiness comes from having great energy and great relationships.

If you can be really connected and loving and bring the energy you need to any situation then everything you need is going to come to you and, most importantly, you...

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