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Another striking statement, to about the same end, was that employed by Dr.

There are 3,000,000 people seriously sick all the time in the United States from preventable causes, of whom 1,000,000 are in the working period of life about three-quarters of a million actual workers losing on an average of 0 per annum, an approximate loss from illness of five hundred millions, and ; adding a reasonable allowance for medicine, medical attendance, special food and care, a like sum of five hundred millions, these losses would make another thousand million dollars of preventable loss to the people of the United States.

ican Medical Association that a department is competent to represent a Government of the magnitude in international sanitary affairs, and that the dignity of a department would serve to attract the attention and co-operation of the various State clearing house A ; first DALLAS, 10, success alone State Medical Association of Texas, May its existing antagonism, in favor of the plan in all bill offering itself a convenient and sanitary regulations probability a mere bureau would fail. That all departments and bureaus belonging to any department, excepting the Department of War and the De- partment of the Navy, affecting the medical, surgical, biological, or sanitary service, or any questions relative thereto, shall be combined in one department, to be knowm as the Department of Public Health, particularly including therein the Bureau of Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, the medical officers of the Revenue Cutter Service, the medireferee, the assistant medical referee, the surgeons and examiners of the Pension office all physicians and medical officers in the service of the Indian Bureau, or the Department of the Interior, at old soldiers’ homes, at the Government Hospital for the Insane, and the Freedman’s Hospital and other hospitals of the United States the Bureau of Entomology, the Bureau of Chemistry and of Animal Industry of cal ; as the best corrective and intolerable measure for the present outgrown situation. : That it shall be the duty and province of such Department of Public Health to supervise all matters within the control of the Federal Government relating to the public health and to diseases of animal life. The profession throughout the land are waking up and petitioning their Congressmen passage A., suggests the division of the department into bureaus to aid in its The Bureau of Hygiene and Preventive as follows: IMedicine; the Bureau of Foods and Drugs the Bureau is Bureau of Quarantine the Bureau of Institutions and Reservations the Bureau of Vital Statistics the Bureau of Publication and Pub- scientific, fraternal looks as the giving ; the lay press, with few exceptions, able support, it and the people themselves are its interest through many industriously petitioning in ; of Marine Hospitals ; the and charitable organizations.

President Taft has recommended such reform in both speech and message the two predominant political parties have declared for in their carefully prepared platforms; the National Grange, the American Federation of Labor, and many it other nation wide organizations, including the Amer- and the Committee of One Hundred have come out squarely where The of Okla- the Cabinet. Would Congress be disposed to think that there was possible relationship between the lack of organization and the deficit? by a dozen or more bureaus At the present writing the measure seems to have become quite popular.

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