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SUBWAY - EVENING Theodore sits in a crowded subway. Quick cut off of her smile, to -- Theodore lays on the ground with Catherine on top of him. CATHERINE (CONT'D) I'm gonna fucking kill you, I'm gonna fucking kill you! Theodore pushes print and the letter comes out on a beautiful robin's egg blue piece of stationery, with ball point pen handwritten older-female cursive. There is also a stack of finished letters in their envelopes - an assortment of beautiful stationery in all shapes and sizes. THEODORE'S OFFICE ELEVATOR - CONTINUOUS Theodore enters an oversized, corporate elevator. There are a few other people in the elevator with the same devices in their ears. I'm glad you can't sleep, but even if you were, I'd have to wake you up from the inside. TEXT VOICE Sexy Kitten has accepted invitation from Big Guy4x4. As he says "Loretta," we see "Loretta" being handwritten at the bottom of the letter. Also on the screen are photos of a couple in their 80s. We track off of Theodore, down a line of cubicles, hearing bits of letters being written and seeing photos of who they're being written to on the screens. There wasn't a dry eye in the house, especially mine. I hope you and your lovely new wife will come visit us in Florida. We continue tracking, revealing dozens and dozens of cubicles full of letter writers.

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Everyone on the train murmurs to themselves, occupied with their small devices. CATHERINE AND THEODORE'S TINY BEDROOM - DAY - FLASHBACK Theodore, younger, and CATHERINE (20s) move furniture in their bedroom.

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SOULFUL OLDER MALE VOICE We ask you a simple question. A chime brings his attention back to the screen: Installation Complete. We'd like to ask you a few basic questions before the operating system is initiated. THEODORE I haven't been social in awhile, really because...

TEXT VOICE Sexy daytime star Kimberly Ashford reveals provocative pregnancy photos. THEODORE'S APARTMENT - EVENING Theodore sits on the sofa, his half eaten burrito in front of him.

TEXT VOICE World trade deals stalled as talks break down betw-- THEODORE Next.

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