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This section will be the main area of the site where I expose every single scam that I’ve ever come across.I’ve studied so many different sites and casual sex dating apps, tactics and anything else you can think of that a typical dating website would have if it were, in fact, a scam.A piece of cake, you must pay close attention to a few things and some I’ve mentioned above.Be on the lookout for strange or cookie cutter messaging.

Members Profiles I paid close attention to the profiles of the members close to me.If you’ve used any dating website and you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with online dating scams then you’ll appreciate this section of my website.For starters, just like many of you out there, I too have been scammed before.If the company was already involved in a dating scam, then it didn’t bode very well.User Reviews I took user reviews from other websites into consideration.

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