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The results of our survey show that this is one area we as an industry do very poorly.The point still remains that we need to be sure what the purpose of the site is in order to establish what standards need to be met.To simply apply standards against a Web site without considering the context will provide a misguided result.It’s one thing to retrospectively decide the main purpose of a Web site by choosing from a generic list, it’s another to be specific about the targets of the Web site up front: to define the targets before the Web site is built and to then assess the Web site against those targets.From a commercial perspective, money spent to implement a level of quality that does not achieve a business goal makes little sense (unless there is a legal requirement to do so).

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Finally, by now we have all calmed down, and there are actual, clear business objectives for Web sites giving us good reasons to build and maintain them.We have some stats as to the number of sales that the current sites have, and the numbers are not very high.When I query the client as to what it wants from the new online store, I don’t get a clear answer.The people in charge of getting the Web site built simply fail to make the effort to work out exactly what they hope to achieve.And the reason why is twofold: (1) it’s hard, and (2) it results in accountability. But, going back to the first reason, it is much harder than it sounds to set meaningful and measurable targets.

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