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And finally, we’ll share some advice given by people who have committed their lives to godly dating.God said, “It is not good that man should be alone” (Genesis for us!A lot depends on our previous experiences of church (good and bad), and what Christian tradition feels most authentic to us.For instance, if you hate noisy worship, find succour in liturgy and ritual, and see prayer as a strictly private practice, then you may struggle to find a meeting point with someone who expects to pray out loud together every day, go to praise-a-thons and lead a homegroup.Marriages are not only a basis for happiness, they offer us longer and better-quality lives.They are also the building blocks of communities, societies and, ultimately, civilizations. Though the Bible gives no specific age when dating is appropriate, wise parents will teach their maturing children sound biblical principles that will help them follow God’s standards of behavior.

‘I’d struggle to be in a relationship with a woman who doesn’t share my views on core Christian doctrines.’ ‘I recently met a lovely Catholic man,’ shared another.‘I dated a man from a charismatic church,’ recalled one woman.‘I had no issue with that, but he tried to lead me away from my own Presbyterian church, and I didn’t like that.’ So if you meet someone with relationship potential, but who comes from a very different Christian tradition to your own, how can you determine if it’s workable?Hopeful Girl is the singles/dating columnist for Woman Alive magazine.In this chapter we’re going to look at the godly way to find a husband or wife.

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