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RW nor any other authority on porcelain or pottery will have the faintest idea what you are talking about if you say you have a Type 2A RW egg coddler.

The characteristics of a coddler that are used to determine the type of coddler are the backstamp and the screw threads.

The backstamp on Type 3 coddlers is dull green in color.

The Grainger porcelain works was started in 1801 by Thomas Grainger.Outside the circle appears ROYAL WORCESTER above and HOTEL CHINA below around the outside of the circle. The backstamp is dull green and is underneath the glaze. Type 8 coddlers have a backstamp that includes the stylized script W in a circle, with the words ROYAL WORCESTER above the circle, PORCELAIN beneath the circle, and MADE IN ENGLAND in smaller print below that.Across the top of the backstamp are the words MADE IN ENGLAND. The one known example of this backstamp is on a coddler that was made for St. The backstamp is dull green and is underneath the glaze.the backstamp is dull green in color and is underneath the glaze. The backstamp consists of the words ROYAL WORCESTER VITREOUS above and ENGLAND beneath the circle.The backstamp consists of the words ROYAL WORCESTER above and MADE IN ENGLAND beneath the circle.

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