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I attached the project showing that my new code matches what is in the link you gave me.

Hi Brian: I assume that my explanation wasn't clear, so please accept my apologies for this inconvenience and let me describe the issue in greater detail.

To prepare for row validation select the ASPx Grid View control and implement stubs for the Row Validating and Start Row Editing events.

ASPx Data Validation Event Args) _ Handles ASPx Grid View1.

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Please change the Value Field of the combobox to "Customer Name" or any other field that contains all names of customers.2) The Value Type of the ASPx Combo Box should be equal to the type of values represented in the Value Field.3) If these suggestions aren't helpful, please try to bind the combo in the Page_Load event handler as follows: Thanks Kate, I don't think I explained the example correctly.

Ok, to make sure I understand, when I update a field through code, the calculations will not take place due to the Cell Validating event not firing.

If that is the case, is there a way to fire that event or do I have to manually calculate the values and manually update each field? Invalidate Row() method in the Cell End Edit event of the the grid to perform the calculations.

All editors have their values and the value in the combobox is set correctly.

You don’t have to write any code because the grid will interact with the declarative SQL statements to manage the edits for you.

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