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Palmer blades are made from alloy steel and investment cast or fabricated, and come with extra thick tungsten carbide tips (1/4") that easily outlast other blades. A wise foundry veteran said “...vent, vent, and vent some more.” Venting is one of the most critical aspects of any molding/ pouring system to eliminate gas related defects, such as blowholes, improve the surface finish, and allow for shorter pouring times.Oddly, everyone recognizes the need to vent cores and molds to avoid problems from entrapped gases. Volume 9, September 2018 Our September 2018 edition is our Back-To-Basics issue, focusing on safety, quality, productivity, and environmental solutions.

By Jack Palmer Whether you are a high-production automated foundry or making individual castings on the molding floor, the same five processes apply to the construction of a sound chemically bonded sand mold. Each process builds on the previous one and each one needs to be considered carefully. Our App features our latest "How To" issue of Simple Solutions That Work! Our app is formatted to fit both tablets and phones and all issues can be viewed offline.is no longer affiliated with the company formerly known as Palmer MAUS North America.For any questions regarding MAUS equipment, service and parts, please go directly to them. We are hiring, expanding our international reach, purchasing companies to enhance our in-house capabilities, and aggressively developing innovative and patented new products especially in regards to reclamation, core making, and automated molding.Click here to view or download this edition of Simple Solutions That Work as a PDF. To subscribe to Simple Solutions That Work, click here: sign-up RETURN TO TOP.The Acetarc Safe-pour (zero harm) bottom pouring system allows the operator full freedom of movement enabling the operator be located in a safe position when using bottom pour ladles.

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