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They then went on to have one child, the musically gifted John Carter Cash.Despite Johnny’s tough demeanor, drug abuse problems, and constant touring, June Cash’s love for Johnny was never in any doubt, and the two remained married for 35 years.A year after his separation from his first spouse, Adkins began dating another woman and even got married to her.The details of his second wife are unknown to the public.In , Michael plays title character of Bennett while Trace plays his dad.

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Country music is all about love, heartbreak, extreme happiness, and extreme sorrow.

He has also appeared on TV series like King of the Hill, Celebrity Apprentice and To Appomattox as character John Gregg.

Trace Adkins' net worth is estimated to be a total of million at present.

The couple gave birth to two lovely daughters named Tarah and Sarah.

The couple then separated in 1995 and had a divorce.

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