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To start reading a different byte offset, call blob Stream. The read will then download the page blob bytes for the given range Size passed in storing it into the buffer at the buffer Offset.

Remember, that if you do a read over pages without any data stored in them, the blob service will return 0s for those pages.

One of the key concepts we talked about earlier is that if you have a sparsely populated blob you may want to just download the valid page regions. Get Page Ranges to get an enumerable of Page Range objects.

Calling Get Page Ranges returns the list of valid page range regions for the page blob.

The program takes 3 parameters: input-file The program reads over the local file, finding the regions of non-zero pages, and then uses Write Pages to write them to the page blob.

For example, assume you did the following write pages in the following order: [512-2048), then [4096-5120], then [2048-2560), and then [0-1024).

In calling Get Page Ranges, you would get back the two ranges [0-2560) and [4096-5120).

You can then enumerate these, and download just the pages with data in them.

The below is an example of doing this: The above example gets the list of valid page ranges, then reads each valid page range into a local buffer to be used by the application how it sees fit. Seek”, which moves the blob stream to the correct starting position (offset) for the next valid page range.

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