Raddatepicker not validating consolidating debt with td canada trust

Ensure that you have mentioned the version details while posting the question in their forum.

Instead of your side i am using like below but the problem is that.

If i enter from date and if left todate -- it has to show alert as todate is required but not sure in the sumamry already From-date should be 'less' than to-date & to-date should be 'greater' than from-date is available then its combining with todate alert.

so if you dont select any date, at run time, the control will have the minimum date value when you use the below code var Date1 = new Date(Rad Time Picker1.get_selected Date()); and this causes the code to execute in is Validate() along with the isvalid Datefrom() function and thats why you have two messages at a time.I am using the sample method where its navigating to another page under validate method.My question is i am doing some date validations under validate ..button click i am validating this...to place this sample function under validate..because first i need to check the date validations then only when the user click on submit it takes to another page..We cannot let submit button to go through until we validate all the dates then only once click on submit it will take to another page..where my sample() is there function Smaple() { var from Date = $find("").get_selected Date()Locale Date String("en-US"); window.open("../load.aspx?

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