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Later in the month, the team secured a Chevrolet engine, and St. After starting 27th, she finished in 11th place and was named the Rookie of the Year. In 1997, she was running 9th with eleven laps to go when she was taken out by another car in a crash. James and Sarah Fisher) started the race, female participation has been growing.

Overall, she made seven career starts, qualifying 6th in 1994. Since that year, at least one woman has started every race, and at least two started every race between 20.

In 2008, she was the first female winner of an Indy Car race when she won at Twin Ring Motegi in Japan.

She bettered her record in 2009, finishing 3rd, and also led laps in the Centennial Race in 2011.

While not behind the wheel of race cars, women were frequently and routinely performers during the pre-race ceremonies, invited as dignitaries to attend the race, and many were employed by the track, working in the ticket office, motel, and other administrative positions.

The first female owner to win the race was Maude "M.

The first female to arrive at Indianapolis looking to qualify was Janet Guthrie in 1976.

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On the final day of time trials, Guthrie was loaned a back-up car owned by A. Guthrie returned to Indy and qualified for the first time in 1977, and made three total starts.She was perhaps the first driver's wife to spend the entire race in the pits.Rutherford won the race, and Betty's presence drew some media attention, leading many other wives to follow suit in future years.This is a list of female motor racing drivers who have entered an Indianapolis 500 race.Ten women racing drivers have officially entered at least once, with Janet Guthrie being the first.

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