Qatar dating english

When you go out as a single woman, it's hard to not be approached by a man. If you are a single who can get used to it and just shrug it off, fine.If you want it to lead to other opportunities, it's not difficult.I am from a small town near a larger city, but it's still a very rural area.Where I come from the rural Midwest, social life is going to a smoky bar and talking of hunting.Being older, I am more likely to find men in my age range who are married back home; a younger woman might not have this problem, or may have an easier time ascertaining what a man is really about.I also have an issue with the sense of hypocrisy in some cases.

I don't plan to be here forever, so I don't want to become complacent.[Housing is commonly provided for expatriate staff everywhere in the Middle East.] So I'm only with colleagues — you live with everyone you work with, which leaves you with not a lot of privacy. The quality of buildings in Qatar is not very good, but having so much space is really good.And I don't have to deal with anything (repairs, etc.)!It makes for a lot of cultural differences and things to discover.I have seen a lot of Western women who marry Arab men. Although this can happen anywhere, the biggest challenge is men with a wife and children back home, who are not being upfront about that.

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