Podcasts not updating on ipod touch

Go to Settings - Download Episodes and select Only New or All Unplayed — either option will download episodes of your podcasts when they become available.However, if Off is selected, your i Phone won’t download podcasts automatically when they become available.I'm finding it frustrating that I can't ever listen to podcasts and I'd like to know if there is an update that will let us do this. But I'll let the right folks know this is something you'd like to see. Right now, it's not possible to listen to Podcasts on your i Pod. You want to listen to latest episode of your favorite podcast, but it won’t download on your i Phone.No matter what you do, new episodes aren’t downloading.Not all features are available on all devices or in all regions.

Your i Phone won’t be able to download podcasts on your i Phone if Airplane Mode is turned on.

If Airplane Mode is already off, try toggling it on and back off again by tapping the switch twice.

A lot of the time, minor software glitches can interrupt your i Phone’s connection to Wi-Fi.

Once the network has been forgotten, it’ll appear under Choose A Network.

Tap on your Wi-Fi network, then enter your network’s password to reconnect.

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