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You can fix this by uninstalling apps that you don’t use. As you can see some apps are much bigger in term of size.The bigger they are, the longer it will take depending on your Wi-Fi Speed.I have saved this for last since it is the most time consuming.The length of time will depend on the number of apps you sync to the device. After the update, try and download the apps on i Tunes.Now look for the DNS and input (is a Google Public DNS– which will ensure safety and speed) and make sure your i OS 10.3.1 device has enough space to download.

Because Apple exclusively only allow apps to be listed on App store and i Tunes software, you won’t be able to download apps on the safari browser.

Most apps download within a few minutes over Wi-Fi but if you are downloading or updating several apps this could take much longer depending on the size of apps and the speed of your internet connection.

Also, if you are downloading or updating apps over Wi-Fi or 3G make sure the problem is not with your data connection before proceeding.

Even with the latest update on ios 10.3.1, this error would appear sometimes.

First, give the app enough time to download and make sure it’s actually stuck before proceeding.

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