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AASHTO M 240, Type IP-A Portland Blast-Furnace Slag Cement ....................

AASHTO M 240, Type IS Portland Cement .........................................

A copy of the findings and conclusions resulting from the investigation will be furnished to the Contractor.

Unless the investigation finds the Department is responsible for the failure to comply, the cost of the investigation plus any required corrective action will be assessed to the Contractor. Requirements for Domestic Source Qualification Cement manufacturers requesting to be qualified to supply cement shall provide the following: (1) For the initial qualification, the manufacturer shall provide to the Office of Materials Management a QCP in accordance with the applicable requirements of ITM 806.

The amount of pozzolan shall be limited to 20% ± 5% by weight of the portland-pozzolan cement for the types IP and IP-A. The pozzolan in the portland-pozzolan cements, types IP and IP-A, shall be in accordance with ASTM C 618, class C or class F with the loss on ignition of the pozzolan limited to a maximum of 3%. The pozzolan in the portland-pozzolan cements, types IP and IP-A, shall be interground with the portland cement clinker. Acceptance Criteria Portland cements and blended cements will be accepted based upon the manufacturer’s or manufacturer/distributor’s documented ability to consistently furnish these materials in accordance with the applicable AASHTO requirements. General Requirements Cements shall comply with the applicable requirements of 901 and will be accepted by certification from qualified manufacturers or manufacturer/distributor.

60 The manufacturer or manufacturer/distributor shall conduct sufficient tests to ensure that adequate quality control is maintained and that cement furnished is in accordance with the specification requirements.

Documentation pertaining to cement shipped on certification shall be maintained for a period of at least 3 years and shall 80 be provided when requested.

If not, this requirement will be continued for subsequent cement shipments until 5 consecutive cement shipment test results fully comply with 786 901.02 the required material specifications, or Department source approval is withdrawn due to the inability to consistently supply satisfactory cement.

140 (3) To maintain qualification after compliance with the previous requirements, a monthly submission of all cement shipment test results for cement which is intended for Department usage shall be submitted to the Office of Materials Management.

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