Park seo young dating

Park Seo Joon definitely is pulling me to watch all his dramas. watche she was pretty and what's wrong with secretary kim I lovedwhat's wrong with secretary kim. He is really a good actor, a singer, he is so handsome and he got a great personality that can capture everyones heart ❤ I just love everything about him. he gets along with Running Man members as well .... Park Seo Joon stands out from the rest of actors because physically, he is a clean-cut guy in hairstyle, in fashion, and in fitness. I hope to see him in many more dramas in the near future! ^u^ I LOVED his character in One Warm Word and is the reason why I started watching Witch's Romance. I love it when his roles are funny, narcissistic rather than the serious one. All the best with your future endevours Park Seo Joon-shi ... I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fall in love with you so badly. Never in my life i imagined on liking an actor this much lol hope he will proceed on being a professional actor in the future perfect!!! He is tall, handsome and has a good voice for speaking and singing. you are simply amazing actor for me : } : } I do really wish to meet you in person one day just to thank you for doing such a fantastic job in your acting career. In the beginning i don't like park seo joon, i'm sorry hehe But, i tried to watch his new drama 'fight for my way', and my mind say that park seo joon acting is soo goodddd and her expression when he act is so priceless to me:)) In a different way, he's very charming too omg^^ Definitely a phenomenal actor! Although the picture isn’t the best quality, you can sort of see a line above his eyes, just above the lids. Here we see a corporate look of Park in his latest television drama, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, in which he partners with the gorgeous Park Min Young and the equally handsome Lee Tae Hwan.Haircut aside, you can sort of tell he’s reaching maturity as he approaches his 30s.He must be using some really good cosmetics and skincare products because you can hardly find any wrinkles on his face nor lines around his eyes. Was on hiatus watching Korean Dramas due to priorities. so you can really tell what type of a GUY he is on & off set ... muahhh :* I loved his character on One Warm Word and he's the reason why I started watching Witch's Romance (my fav M/Tu drama! He's a terrific actor with an infectious smile who can pull off drama and comedy scenes! His face shape and facial features match his school days, so there have been no signs of cosmetic enhancement thus far.

Now there’s no denying that he has talent and literally every Korean drama fans know that he can act, but the main question on most people’s mind is…Park ever have beauty enhancements?The one and only PSJ, I love you so much :* i first watched him in she was pretty and kill me heal me. His reaction when he was on variety shows is very natural, I'm not surprised that Cha Tae Hyun really likes him. Well i only already watch those two and she was pretty.. Hope you keep on acting and pursing your talent in other fields in the Entertainment industry aside from acting and directing. and after watching those dramas, im really inlove with him and i want to watch his other dramas. I really love his character in hwarang and its make me come to here.. (I'm sorry for my bad English I'm not native btw) you are the most handsome guy l have ever seen and I mean it l once thought of meeting you in person but I changed my mind because if I would meet you l would kidnap you so you would be mine but that won't be good Hahahaha saranghe Oppa??? I like SWP movies, but i dont really like ur character hahaha, but u did a good job as an actor, thumbs up ! I dont know ur personalitt but i really like Yoon Dongha from witchs romance hahaha.. In other words, has he ever gone under the knife and sought help from cosmetic surgeons? Unlike many newborns in Korea, he already had sparkling big eyes when he was young, so this should be enough proof to suggest he didn’t need any eye surgery.Since being discharged from the military service, Seo Joon first got a taste of the entertainment industry by appearing in Bang Yong-guk’s music video “I Remember”.

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