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This will also say a lot about you to your potential companion.

As a quick cheat sheet, one of our Babbelonians suggested picking a place in quartier Latin if you’re artsy, while if you’re feeling particularly fancy, having a drink in Le Marais or around Trocadéro is a good idea.

In the fashion capital of the world, this means first and foremost showing off your refined personal style.

It’s important to dress well, as your Parisian counterpart will inevitably be impeccably dressed (in black).

Hipsters and students often enjoy the small streets around Canal Saint-Martin for the relaxed atmosphere.

In most English-speaking countries, sex is traditionally considered off the table until several dates have gone by (or your encounter may be interpreted as just a “hook up”). Passionate kissing and sex on the first date isn’t taboo, nor does it necessarily mean that you won’t be getting a second date.

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