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daniel7780: i masterbate to your pic at night and wene i go to the bathroom durring class Hot Horny Girl: OOOOooo daniel7780: have you ever masterbated to me??? Hot Horny Girl: go away Hot Horny Girl: BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA Hot Horny Girl: FOOGLY WOOGLY Hot Horny Girl: ZING sexycaliboyy: aight stfu' God damnit. lisa_sexi_6969: hey there big boi lisa_sexi_6969: i vanna touch yo cock niggz I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: how old r u? I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: im 22 I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wo I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: i like little %%%%% lisa_sexi_6969: cool lisa_sexi_6969: lets cyber I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: ya baby I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: hey my dick is getting big lisa_sexi_6969: o yea lisa_sexi_6969: i take off my top lisa_sexi_6969: and touch your cock I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: oh ya baby I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: thats cool lisa_sexi_6969: i rub my breasts in your face I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: hmmmmm I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: im licking ur boobs I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: baby lisa_sexi_6969: i squirt milk in your face lisa_sexi_6969: you begin to gargle it lisa_sexi_6969: you choke I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: oh wow lisa_sexi_6969: and then i get up and piss all over your face lisa_sexi_6969: then turn u on your chest lisa_sexi_6969: you like lisa_sexi_6969: i like your ass cheeks lisa_sexi_6969: so i lick em I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: i wanna lick ur pusssy baby lisa_sexi_6969: then i spread your ass cheeks apart lisa_sexi_6969: i stick my tongue in it I_Wanna_Girl_For_Sex: wow lisa_sexi_6969: then i shove my 12 inch cock in your ass lisa_sexi_6969: im pumpin baby lisa_sexi_6969: o yea lisa_sexi_6969: baby?

siz111: where u from Ho T_g1rl15: saint-john Ho T_g1rl15: u?

brave_heart19: nice age brave_heart19: i am 19 brave_heart19: r u virgin K00l_girl15: hmmm K00l_girl15: i din't fuck K00l_girl15: but i made blowjob brave_heart19: tell me honestly K00l_girl15: does it count?

brave_heart19: u made what K00l_girl15: oral sex brave_heart19: what does %%%% means i really dont knwo brave_heart19: did u entered a dick into ur %%%%%%% ?

Sexy_girl_90: your wondering why Sexy_girl_90: I call in my son and mydog Sexy_girl_90: WHEN THEY COME IN WE HAVE A GIANT SEX ORGY im_so_horny has left. HOT_GUY: I begin to slide your panties off as I kiss you. HOT_GUY has left Sexay Girl: I have a urge to have sex with you for some reason.

Sexay Girl: I then bake some cream butter off the hot spots of your ass. Sexay Girl: I then grab your ass and stick some toast in there. yea whatever, u said u were 21 those dudes were hella old u stupid caligirl86: I only lied about my age "you" stupid caligirl86: now that I know what area you live in caligirl86: I think I will visit you caligirl86: and we shall have tea and crumpets caligirl86: and play bingo Topdawg23 thanx for the threat caligirl86: ROFLACOPTER caligirl86: so i take it we wont play bingo caligirl86: you are trying to harrass an old man who just wants some tea and crumpets caligirl86: now im reporting you for harassment caligirl86: in fact im reporting you for SEXUAL HARASSMENTDonnie t caligirl86: i start to cum deep in your ass but you beg me to take it out first caligirl86: because you wanna swallow my jizz caligirl86: you gobble it all down hungrily caligirl86: like a baby kitten a Hornybigcock %%%% u caligirl86: you say its your turn so you bend me over caligirl86: your cocks not as big as mine but it works caligirl86: and you shove it in my hairy ass caligirl86: while you feel my manly muscles and pecs caligirl86: QUICK WRITE SOMETHING AGAIN IM GONNA CUM caligirl86: oh you left just when things were heating up Red-Scorpion wanted me to post this for him since he's banned.'I did something that is SOOOOO weird....i pranked a LESBO,yes yes a lesbian : Ddaniel7780: fine i compliment your skirt again daniel7780: and ask to try it on Hot Horny Girl: I take it off and i give it to you Hot Horny Girl: Because you complimented daniel7780: ok i like your panties to daniel7780: can i try them on also Hot Horny Girl: and...

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