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CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER "SUPPLIERS_T1" BEFORE insert or update or delete on "SUPPLIERS" for each row begin when the person performs insert/update/delete operations into the table.The Ask TOM team will be busy at Open World this month.If you need to determine if the value is changing, you'll still need to code comparison logic for :old and :new values.

This common state is established at the start of triggering statement and is destroyed after completion of trigger (regardless of trigger being in error or not). SALARY IS NULL) ) THEN v_index := v_index 1; v_emp_changes(v_index).upd_dt := SYSDATE; v_emp_changes(v_index).upd_by := SYS_CONTEXT (' Now any changes in any field of employees will to be written in aud_emp table.Here is the SIMPLIFIED problem I need the help for...I have a table customer as shown below: SQL select * from customer; CUSTID CUSTNAME STATEMENT NETSALES---------- -------------------- --------- ---------- 1 best buy 08-JUN-99 1000 2 best buy 08-JUN-98 1000 3 best buy 08-MAY-00 2000Datatypes are obvious!BEFORE INSERT or UPDATE or DELETE: It specifies that the trigger will be fired before the INSERT or UPDATE or DELETE operation is executed.table_name: It specifies the name of the table on which trigger operation is being performed.

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