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The very next day I see a black iframe bar on the right of my Google Chrome whenever I visit webpages and the formatting is fucked up.Google is also telling me my IP address is sending too many automatic requests all of a sudden.

It's a bit desolate for now, but has some instructions, information, and bug reports/feature requests. I got back to NYC just before sandy hit, and was planning to stay with friends for a bit.Gold Foil-Covered Bullae (Pendants) Decorated in diverse patterns of concentric circles, geometric motifs and gold filigree.Discovered: Trillick, County Tyrone Date: 2000 BCE See also Visual Arts in Tyrone.Each template can have random word substitutions in to fool spam filters like so: -- Hello , I didn't think you were enough to a personalized email. Cheers -- If you want to get creative, each template can also have randomly selected 'fragments' in it, like so: This program is Windows only, so Mac users are out unless they are running some sort of virtualization software. Progressing past the message phase is your own job.For download instructions and a key, pm me with your email - I need it to set up a list of testers. I don't like talking about 'bangs', but I can say that it has been incredibly both in terms of meeting girls and saving me lots of time. I'd love to hear some info of how it progressed passed the message phase and transitioned into dates/bangs from some of those messages.

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