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Plus Beijing is a very crowded city with people around you everywhere you go. Pretty easy to figure out that this isn’t one of your best options.

That said, if you want to try to meet single girls in Beijing during the day stick to the biggest malls.

The more attempts you make at picking up some slutty girls in Beijing the more success you will have.

First we will talk about day game, then nightlife, and then mention the best online dating site in China to meet women online.

This post will try help answer the question of where foreign men can pick up single girls in Beijing.

When guys travel they generally hope to meet some sexy (and slutty) girls along the way.

This city has certain areas where lots of singles bars and nightclubs are packed into the same place.

That isn’t to say you can’t try other methods, just that they will be harder to achieve.There are going to be quite a few things holding you back here, unless you speak Mandarin.The language difference is a very real thing and that will make meeting girls hard.A few good malls that you could try are The Malls at Oriental Plaza, Shin Kong Place, and Beijing Yintai Center.If you don’t speak Chinese then meeting girls during the day will be hard for foreign men but not impossible.

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