Online dating worth it

Online dating has been around in some form since digital communication became a common fixture of the internet.Whether “meeting” someone in an online chat room or developing a relationship through regular emails, digital courtship certainly isn't a new thing.There’s no sense of rejection with liking someone who doesn’t like us back, and we don’t have to worry about being sent messages from people we aren’t remotely interested in. And yes, I realize that sometimes the right person for us might not be our usual physical type, but there is a relief in not having to wade through messages of people who are not at all what we’re looking for in other ways. It’s a personal preference, and I often swipe left simply if any pictures or profile information includes smoking.) In fact, we wonder why they’re on Tinder if they don’t ever send out a message.And even sending a message their way is not always a guarantee of any response.It may have been an admission of failure in “normal” relationships to join an online dating site at one time, but with new apps like Tinder and sites like OKCupid plus hundreds more, it's now socially acceptable to at least give online dating a try.Millions of people join (and leave) dating sites each year, looking for their long-lost love or at least new friends to spend the days with.So we figure these people are just playing Hot or Not, perhaps out of boredom.

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And there are rare stories of couples surviving, but that might be propaganda spread to encourage the rest of us to keep giving it a try. It’s free and I can always stop if it doesn’t suit me. The last time I dated there was no texting, and social media wasn’t really a thing.Dating went like this: you met someone, they asked for your number, they had to call you on the phone, and you went out on a date. I did not get asked out on one date or meet one person who expressed any interest at all.But that could easily have happened had I met and dated him offline, too.Being in the world of online dating opens up more possibilities for deep connection.

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