Online dating pointers

He confided: “I know you haven’t heard from me in forever. Honestly, he hasn’t needed much help from me regarding online dating. In fact, within a few days of putting up his profile he already had a date lined up. If this isn’t disclosed by the first date, it definitely should by the second or third. Likewise, if you are enjoying the other person, if you think they are funny or have beautiful eyes or share fascinating stories, let ’em know!But I’ve been secretly following your posts about your divorce, life post-divorce, and dating. You’ve shown me that it can be done without falling apart. He was pretty relaxed about it, but did send me a text the day before the date to get my advice for any pointers. If you’re a seasoned online dating veteran, you probably have your own playbook. If you haven’t been on a date since the previous century…If you’re coming off a long term marriage or relationship…Allow me to share: Let me start by saying that I prefer the term guidelines to rules because there is some latitude with dating. A lengthy explanation is not owed other than the disclosure and whatever you’re comfortable sharing.~Admit how you are feeling. Again, I’d be subtle about it, but it’s okay to share compliments and feedback.~Casually ask if he or she would like to go out again.And yet another short list of things that I’m not really fond of: – Cars (can’t tell why I put this one first…) – Self-centered people (but, hey…Have you ever heard anybody saying “yes, yes, I am definitely self-centered.” So this one doesn’t really count!!By all means, you can inquire about the actual custody arrangement in terms of time availability for dating but nothing further is appropriate unless your date discloses more information.~I think it can be the right call to share some more intimate, personal aspects of our lives. You do not owe this person another moment of your time! One of my weirdest first dates is difficult to describe. It was very heavy, personal stuff that I usually don’t tell someone until I’ve known them for quite awhile (and certainly not on a first date)! Additionally, you can see that some flexibility in dating is normal and expected!Though these things aren’t typically “first date” material, there can be exceptions. He wasn’t overly physical with me but he kept steamrolling my emotional boundaries. No matter what I said, he ignored me and kept pushing. It’s impossible to predict exactly what you and your date’s dynamic, energy, vibe, and chemistry will be.

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I remember us looking at each other at the very end of the date and our sharing the same thought: I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I know I’m going to see this person again. But there should be zero expectations or assumptions made. A reminder: I write from the perspective of a middle-aged chick/dude who is looking for something beyond casual sex. One reason is because their profile reads like a boring, dating profile shaped turd. I thought I would throw some keywords that would describe what I like to do. so let’s start: I’d like first to apologize for the typos I might have… nobody’s perfect) and I’m pretty much new in this country (I’ve been around for 2 years). It’s whatever works for you…as long as your date is cool with it.~Default to friendly, light conversations. You and your date will either bond over similar dislikes, agree to disagree, or determine you’re incompatible.~Discuss work, goals, and dreams. It’s imperative that you avoid sounding like you are bragging. But I can understand preferring any number of different approaches. I always own up to my love of Cherry Coke and reality tv! As long as your tone isn’t overly abrasive and/or bitter, this will allow you to show who you are.

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