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She cannot assign all the responsibility to you, she has to share some of it.A wise girl is doing her best to cover at least some of the expenses and to negotiate with her family in the most diplomatic way, to make them fully accept and respect her decision.Odessa people are very imaginative, resourceful, and ambitious, they are normally full of projects and they can financially survive without tricking others.Also Odessa women are extremely feminine and flirting, they adore men’s attention and literally crave it like the fresh air for breathing.

So many papers and actions are needed in order to visit you or relocate to you.She is literally packing her suitcase in advance, taking all the clothes or a local medicine she may need in her trip. Ukraine is not an exception and Odessa is known for its resourceful and enterprising people.Finally, she behaves like a true woman, calming you down and convincing you that your common plan will work perfectly. Local women do have traditional values and they can be extremely devoted once they made sure a man is decent enough. If the two of you just met and you are testing the ground, discipline her from the beginning till she gets tired or eventually shows her best side. Ask about their priorities and dreams, about her childhood memories. Ask whether she’s helping her grandparents or dedicating her time to the little kids of her friends/relatives.By the way, those foreigners who speak fluent Russian also note very interesting and unusual local humor and dialect.Thus a visit to Odessa can become useful and pleasant not only in search of love but in self-education as well.

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