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En route to the AEC issuing an operating license for Unit 1 on March 1, 1976, the owner submitted a Preliminary Safety Analysis Report and later a Final Safety Analysis Report, now called the Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (UFSAR), describing the design features and operational procedures that demonstrated conformance with all applicable regulatory requirements such as flood protection.The design bases external flood was a Probable Maximum Hurricane (PMH) while the design bases internal flood was the postulated rupture of a 14-inch diameter low pressure safety injection system pipe.

The plants began operation in 19, and are licensed until 20 respectively.

From the beginning, it was required by federal regulations to be protected against flooding from external hazards.

But heavy rainfall in January 2014 flooded the Unit 1 reactor auxiliary building with 50,000 gallons through flood barriers that had been missing since at least 1982.

Lucie to the NRC in response to the agency’s mandate in Generic Letter 88-20 for an assessment of vulnerabilities to severe accidents.

The owner revisited several potential internal flooding scenarios (e.g., postulated rupture of various tanks filled with water or liquid and break of a component cooling water system pipe that drains all 78,000 gallons of water into the reactor auxiliary building).

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