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The novelty of the plan and, it is believed, its practicability will be conceded. It is only fair, however, to those engaged upon the undertaking, that the Editor should add a word of explanation.

While the work only professes to be a compilation, and all original ideas and personal opinions are rigidly excluded, there is room left for the display of much literary skill in the selection and arrangement of material, and for the exercise of great industry and intelligence in opening up paths through what have proved in many cases to be almost untrodden fields.

of such examples as will put the local practitioner in possession of the line of decisions of special value to him. " A" Sea, — After the sailing of a vessel, an agent for insurers inserted in the " live-cattle clause" of a policy issued to -cover such vessel, among the dangers in- sured against, any loss occasioned by " a sea." Held, that this did not limit insured to a loss occasioned by the force of a single wave, and that where cattle were -carried between decks, and were injured by the tossing of the ship by heavy waves, it would render insurers liable.

The citations are made with great care, the aim being to collate as many of the cases as is possible, and particularly to secure all the leading and latest cases up to the date ,of publication.

In the subdivision of branches of the law the effort has been to make the arrangement of the work really alphabetical. See EQUITY ; LEGACY ; NUISANCE ; PLEADING ; Practice; Tax.

Thus, in- stead of devoting a volume to the subject of CORPORATIONS, for example, what belongs to that law will be found under such heads as Amotion, Beneficial or Benevolent Associations, Building Associations, Stock Assessment, Stock Transfer, etc.

The text itself is made as concise as a full and clear statement of the law will allow, the aim being to use not one unnecessary word, and to have the text occupy but a small portion of each page. They fill so large a proportion of the space as to make the amount of material in a volume very large.

Further subdivisions in the notes are marked by catch- words at the beginning of paragraphs. The whole body of the law is divided into such titles as seem PREFACE. In the choice of these, prominence has been given to subjects upon which no text-book has been written, or which have received only incidental and perhaps meagre treatment in standard works. Every title which is not practical, or which belongs to the obsolete or purely local law, is rejected. A512 The American and English encyclopedia of 3 1924 017 069 984 Cornell University Library The original of tiiis book is in tine Cornell University Library. There are countless text-books upon every branch of the law, but only large law libraries can supply them all. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. COMPILED UNDER THE EDITORIAL SUPERVISON OF JOHN HOUSTON MERRILL. Even in libraries the very wealth of material is confusing.

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