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“A lot of people are moving away from traditional parties -- it’s so much fun to be around gay women outside of a party club scene,” says Simone Davis, the 32-year-old Bushwick-based organizer of Girl Social, which hosts Lez Swim, as well as Lezzer Tag, Lez Brunch, and other lesbian events.

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In some ways, the party seems too good to be true: It’s the type of casually queer women-only gathering that seems to only exist in the fantasy of premium cable TV.

I have ever felt,” my friend chirps over the sound of a song by some lady-fronted pop band streaming from the DJ stand.

We agree that this, Lez Swim, is definitely better than the summer we spent pretending to get along with the (much older, at the time...

And yet, this type of ticketed, roaming gathering exclusively for LGBTQ women is popping up across the boroughs, led by people who feel passionate about community and friendship.

This party is distinctly different from other lesbian-specific nights at bars, like Hot Rabbit, Misster, or Lesbo-a-Go Go (RIP my youth) -- for the most part, attendees are here to make friends rather than hook up.

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