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He prescribes three sets of ten carefully devised dates designed to help couples reveal their true colors and clarify whether or not they are a compatible match.

This practical, personal, and positive plan can impact marriages—and ground the skyrocketing divorce rate—as no other book has. is a must read for engaged or dating couples, happy singles, concerned parents, and anyone who wants to make better decisions about who to marry and who to leave behind.

He contends that living in a "no regrets" relationship can be as simple following this spiritually solid and personally drawn plan b In Is This the One?

, Steve Arterburn—an award-winning author and the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries, the largest faith-based broadcast counseling and treatment ministry—has created a "how to" plan for happier, stronger marriages.

He considers dating his wife as the secret to enjoying life, marriage, and even his job.

"I go out a lot because I'm a good-time girl, I like to have fun."The host also proudly declared that she's "really reclaiming" her life and relishing her single status."I don't have a boyfriend," Williams said, shooting down recent tabloid reports.

And I am the one that has to push for having a spiritual life. I wish he was interested in spiritual things and just growing as a person.” “Wow,” I said. Why in God’s green earth are you thinking about even being serious with him, much less marriage?

He is not interested in changing and being what you are looking for, so why don’t you get on down the road?

We have life groups and events that happen throughout the year specific for where you are at in your life.

So whether you are new to Kearney, or Kearney is your home, we would love to help you meet new people at New Life.

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