Michelle pfeiffer and al pacino dating

So anything that sounded like that, that was them.” And this despite the fact that Nelligan was one of his “favorites to work with of all time.”) Perhaps his most amusing crotchet is his obsession with food. “He shakes your hand, and you go away with a plum pit.” Recalls Pfeiffer, “He has his horsd’oeuvres in the afternoon, which is a rice cake with peanut butter and a little slice of banana on top. And he likes his frozen yogurt or his Jell-O Pudding Pops.” “I eat a lotta yogurt,” he confirms, “and tuna fish. “They’re done in a certain kind of spirit, so it’s pleasant,” says Pacino.

But he believes that Marshall’s japes are more than fun and games: “You want to make the work as tolerable as possible, so you can function. Actually, he’s one of the more obsessive directors I have worked with.

FOR MICHELLE PFEIFFER, THOSE FIFTEEN seconds were misery. I was really a pain in the ass when we shot it—for about three days. It was, like, this thing: everybody knew it hated it.” Before long, the crew knew her lines by heart.

“It came out quite a good scene,” he says in the pungent Bronx accent that can make him sound like a kind of vaudevillian rabbi. “I’ve warned him that I was going to tell people that he had become much nicer and I had become much meaner,” she says, grinning.

After about two years, Nichols dropped out and Marshall stepped in.

Mc Nally was convinced that Marshall could do right by his characters on the basis of the director’s 1984 film, The Flamingo Kid, which is one of the playwright’s favorites: “That had such a wonderful feeling for blue-collar people, without patronizing them.

“We played music, and I gave out T-shirts that said I SURVIVED SCENE 105,” he reports. “I would say fifteen members of the crew then put on the robe and shot the robe scene for the gag reel,” the director says.

It’s sexy, in a way, but it’s more just charming.” On the set of Frankie and Johnny, uncomfortable moments were often turned into set-ups for practical jokes. FRANKIE: I want a guy who’ll love me no matter what. And then you said this…’ “But we really had fun on this movie together.

On one take, he opened the door and found the crew from Star Trek: Captain Kirk, Mr. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and De Forest Kelley had been walking across the lot in costume, and Marshall recruited them for the trick. ” JOHNNY: Something’s going on between us, something important. “I like people communicating, the difficulty of communication between people.

“I thought something was gonna happen, bit never that! I like pictures with people in rooms and in their lives, rather than great vistas or exploring Africa or Yugoslavia.” (The reason he’s avoided foreign locations: “It’s the food.

Frankie and Johnny, the film, has a cast of 96, a budget that ended up at about million, and locations in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and New York City.

Marshall had expressed interest in film rights to the play early on—producer Scott Rudin hoped to set it up as a project for them at Twentieth Century Fox—but Marshall and Rudin were outbid by Paramount Pictures, which bought it for director Mike Nichols.

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