Mark wahlberg dating

This was when and why the couple decided to homeschool their kids, as stated by .

Nowadays, the kids get to travel with their father from one major film project to another. The couple has four kids, daughters Ella Rae and Grace Margaret, and sons Brendan Joseph and Michael Wahlberg.

She especially loves when he wears his wife beater around the house, with a hammer or a screwdriver in his hand and pretends to be fixing things.

Here is what we know about the couple’s marriage life.

, Mark revealed that he first met his long-time wife in New York City when he was doing a press junket. Thereafter, Mark had no doubt that Rhea was the one for him.

Such things are what have kept their almost 10-year marriage alive.

Mark later showed off his muscles at the end of the show by doing a pull-ups challenge to raise money for cancer research.

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