Mandating digital

Consumers of these APIs will likely find them difficult to work with, weighed down by a jumbled back-catalogue of exposed legacy services of different styles and formats.This “inside-out” approach, defined more by what IT says is already available than what partners and customers demand, may result in poorly-defined, ineffective interfaces — and thus in little-to-no innovation.Learn more about agricultural exceptions and exemptions to the FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Rules.Until recently, retail banking has been a comparatively stable, if complex, business.

Inside the buzzing enrollment agency, young professionals wearing slim-fitting jeans and lanyards around their necks tapped away at keyboards and fiddled with fingerprint scanning devices as they helped build the biggest and most ambitious biometric database ever conceived.In this way, the APIs are mechanisms for not only exchanging value in digital economies but also gaining the insight to seize opportunities and develop customer obsession.In my experience working with enterprise clients in my role on Google’s Apigee team, I’ve found that active executive sponsorship is often the most important differentiator in digital transformation.On the 13th January, the new Open Banking (OB) regulation in the United Kingdom came into force, mandating compliance with the second Payments Service Directive (PSD2).This is a significant development in the new period of rapid evolution in banking.

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