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^ joid him, "No." Upon which he repeated it; "Ves'tlbulum ante Ipsum etc." "Jiist in the gate and in the jaws or hell. And pale diseases, and repining age; Want, fear, and famine's unresisting Here toils and death, and death's half- brother, sleep, Forms terrible to view, their sentry keep " •Now (said he), almost nil these ap- ply exactly to an author: all these are the concomitantr: of a printing-house. The Chicago symphony Orchestra pert the suite in 1922. b--- :^' v orchestras in London and at r ions Fugitives by Prokofief T. He even hesitated about publishing them on account of the "undogmatic" texts, and wrote to Herzogenberg that the songs might lead him to attack his "unchristian principles." Herzogenberg replied: "Who but you e\Tr conceived the idea of "omposing Bible words in this independent way, frrp from all the tradi- tions of church and liturgy ... He ." jdied with Willy Hesf in Berlin, with Boucherit in Paris, with Flesch in Piuladrlphia. Tbe cost of production is in New York, but managers there have some courage and enterprise .-i:id tiiry do know the 'i f Trrcnrc between a play and a peck of potaloc.s. In their own honest way they are legitimate actors, entitled to sin- cere homage. The son would gladly surpass the father's daring on the trapeze. Who will soon for- get the long conversation over the telephone— long but ene-slded, with the unexpected ending? Graceful in movement, pose and in the dance, she plays to thos^ on the stage, not to the aud^^"';! Her vmce s p easing and true, never forced ^nd Ue^sings tfi character^ One cannot imagine Billie smging In any other ^y. Apart from the time occupied" in changing the scenery, it could have been acted in 20 minutes. She opens her eyes, she shuts her eyes; she clenche* her hands and unclenches them; she tosses and turns, and then exclaims aloud: "'O God! ' ' "Curtain." Speeches spoken offstage are seldom successful. Yes, in fantastic plays, not in more or less realistlo ones.

their little idiosyncrasies, their unaf- fected mannerisms, and their spon- taneity. Mor- land and his parson who squabble, 9nd make-up. sits before the fireplace, knittirg and keeping peace by an occasional "ahem," yet, unable to comprehend that "new" telephone In- vention. Her father, who would rather "have phlebitis in Ver- non.

We’ve got to get the word out that this is often a very effective therapy for those with OCD.

Having OCD is tough…getting the right help shouldn’t be.

In a nutshell, this therapy involves the person with OCD facing his or her fears and then refraining from ritualizing.

So, we keeping things simple and clean inside our page and making it more user-friendly for all chatters.

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