Liquidating business promotion

Coupons, with a stated value is kept inside the packet.

Again, these have to be collected in order to qualify for gifts, and so require repeat purchasing. These can be redeemed at the retail shops as a price reduction.

The meaning of the expression ‘self-liquidating’ is that cost of liquidating the premium is collected from the buyer.

For example, the manufacturer of a bathing soap, may offer a ‘soap box’ at a very nominal price if the soap is purchased.

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Marketers employ a remarkable variety of sales promotion tools in marketing.

It signifies that a number of items are packed together or the container is extra large, and they are offered at a special price.

It is an economical way of, both packing and buying such items, and ensures that the customer is well stocked with the products and may thus become a habit buyer.

This is liked by the store because the discount can lead to other purchases.One can be certain on one aspect — While sales promotion schemes may induce the buying habit or buying in large quantities to the exclusion of other brands, they can also induce frantic brand switching and the loss of brand loyalty.The sales manager contemplating a sales promotion programme must bear in mind that a customer goes around a store scouting for the special offers, probably irrespective of brand.Picture cards encourage repeat buying in order to retain them.They may be inserted in packs, or printed as cut-outs on cartons.

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