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Sue was selected by a faculty committee on the basis of appearance, personality and general attractiveness. T h e s e departments are Electricity, with Father Donan in charge; Printing and Photography h e a d e d by Father Alvin; Drafting, taught by Father Peter; Wood Shop and Metals, Mr.

This is the tenth annual contest held to stimulate interest in the cotton industry. so cool, and just right for daytime or ercning weir on the summer days ahead. Dan Bligh; Art, Sister Leonard Marie; Business, Sister Dolores; Typing, Sister Elenita; and Homemaking, Sister Fredrica.

The new members include Michael Armstrong, James Beard, Beverly Born, Barrel Brasch, William Broyles, Jar,"'. Ken Steen was announced Chapter Star Farmer; and Chapter Star Greenhand is Dan Sotomayor.

Burcham, Judy Burney, Bates Butler, Carolyn Chaffin, Clement Chase, Constance Clark, Alice Cooper, Mary Cornia, Jesse Cude, Margaret Dinsmore, Diane Evans, Kathleen Fegan, Carl Fischer, Ruth Fones, Estelle Friedman, Lynda Gibson, Carol Goldbaum, Stephin Golding, Celia Goldman, Fred Henninger, Nance Huff, Janet Ide, Robert Jackson, Sondra Johnson and Judy Kanin. Other Chapter Foundation awards were presented to: Neil Harris, Soil and Water Management; Henry Leiber, Farm Mechanics; Ken Steen, Farm Electrification; Ronald Fish Public Speaking; Dave Mathewson, Farm Safety; and Manfred Gripe, Dairy Farming- School Exhibits Crafts By TED DOUTHITT This past Sunday the Gerke School of Vocational Arts of Salpointe High School held its Fourth Annual Open House.

The Gerke School is for the teaching of the Manual Arts only with no liberal arts courses offered. HAUPT Editor and Publisher of Seventeen Magazine Dating an older man is both a challenge and a chance to be more grown up.

This is the conclusion of many a high school girl who prefers the self-confidence and gallantry of the older beau to the inexperience and lack of aplomb of her contemporaries.

Parents and guests were conducted through the school by volunteers from the Gerke School classes.

These students donated their time to explain to the parents some of the more technical aspects of some of the projects on display.

They've had an ideal marriage." "A junior executive takes you to nice places, and even if you make some mistakes, you learn how to act.Here are the affirmative qualities, out of teen Susie's list: "If a college man thinks you're old enough to ask out, it boosts your ego.You gain self-cofidence when you find you are able to maintain his interest." "My father is seven years older than mother.Photography students displayed the work that they entered in the Tucson High Schools Photo Contest.Other departments had displays of their appropriate work.

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