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In Toronto the epicentre of the traditional Gay Neighbourhood is the corner of Church St. The atmosphere in Toronto has changed in recent years however, as many queer-owned businesses have opened in neighbourhoods across the city and queer bar nights take over mainstream bars.Part of Toronto’s charm is also its overall queer-friendliness.To put it bluntly, Toronto is a big city, and there is a whole heck of a lot going on here.No guide could cover all of the amazing things that occur on any given week/month so just consider this our take on the best of the city, especially the queer, West-end leaning aspects.We have all come to Toronto with really different backgrounds, and there are probably countless other people who could write another totally distinct guide but we volunteered so you are stuck with us!Meredydd I have lived in Toronto for most of my life.

‘Pedestrian Sundays’ during the summer are the pinnacle of how appealing Kensington Market can be, but on any given day you can watch street performers, catch secret gigs, get lost in the vintage stores, people-watch whilst consuming a burrito bigger than your head at Big Fat Burrito ( 416-913-7487 MTW, Su 11am-9pm, Th-S 11am-10pm), and be part of a drum circle/interpretive dance-off at Bellevue Square Park.

In terms of coffee/food/drink, I could go on for days but I will limit my recommendations to the board game café, Snakes and Lattes ( 416-599-4442 M-F am-10pm, S-Su am-10pm) where I never fail to have cyclical crushes on all of the wait staff bringing me quinoa-battered onion rings and the best sweet potato fries with miso gravy.

Laid back and pretentious-free Queen Street East, especially east of the Don Valley Parkway, doesn’t get as much attention as its younger, hipper sister (West) Queen West.

Having lived in a handful of fairly exotic cities during my transient and wanderlust-ful early twenties, Toronto is actually the first city that I’ve not gotten itchy feet over after 12 months plus.

There are a lot of things to be said for the wildly multicultural character of the city (half of the population was born outside of Canada) but through my own happy accidents and researching for this guide, there’s also a ridiculous amount to be said for the raging queer character of the city, which is integrated so seamlessly into the whole.

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