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See if you can relate to any of these obsolete activities. I have a large Mac computer where I do most of my writing.

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I created a short story collection titled, The Substitute Bride, while living here. Write down affirmations and post them near your computer. Read her My working space has gone through a whole lot of changes in the 29 years since I was first published, so as I thought about what my office means to me, I’ve journeyed down memory lane.

Those piles on the counter are non-fiction book projects and source material, waiting to come together so they’re ready to publish.

Though I’ve moved on from my original publisher – as well as switching from contemporary romance to historical, and from sweet stories to spicy ones – I’m grateful to Harlequin Books for a lengthy and rewarding career.

I wish I could say I keep the desk clean, but paper clutter is a constant struggle for me.

I’m always working on something, taking notes for something else, and keeping track of things to do.

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