Lasting effects of dating violence

Domestic violence can affect individuals in various ways.The physical wounds may include everything from bruises to broken bones.The thing is that Lynn left her abuser over a year ago and he is nowhere around.She had broken all contact with him and had moved on in her life.It is estimated that one out of every 10 men will experience the same.Approximately 30%-60% of perpetrators of domestic violence also abuse the children in the household.

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Economic consequences can lead to loss of employment or financial instability.The arousal symptoms are those that put an individual on alert as if the situation is either happening or about to happen again.Due to the arousal symptoms, one may become hyper-vigilant to his or her surroundings and be easily startled.These symptoms lead the individual to avoid situations, people, places, or things that cause the intrusive and arousal symptoms.This may be a conscious or unconscious phenomenon where one attempts to avoid experiencing the unwanted thoughts, feelings, or anxiety associated with them.

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