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Commonwealth of Virginia 04/16/2019 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to suppress the blood sample obtained by the trooper where the trooper acted in good faith reliance on established law or in finding evidence sufficient to find him guilty of driving under the influence, third offense 1533184 Loudoun County v.

Michael Richardson 04/16/2019 Commission did not err in awarding appellee permanent partial disability benefits based on the degree of impairment to his left leg prior to hip replacement 0391194 Alice Jin-Yue Guan v. of Medical Assistance Services/Commonwealth of Virginia 04/09/2019 No error in trial courts decision affirming the final agency decision to retract payments associated with a specific error code 0137182 Eric William Wandemberg v. 03/26/2019 No error in Commissions denial of benefits to appellant where appellant did not prove his injuries arose out of his employment 1676171 Jeffrey Dean Bondi v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 03/12/2019 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in excluding the proffered impeachment evidence as that evidence was not proper impeachment material; evidence was sufficient to support jurys conclusion that appellant drove his vehicle under the influence of self-administered drugs 1478172 Kathryn Johnson, s/k/a Kathryn Eileen Johnson v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 03/05/2019 Trial court did not err in refusing to admit appellants proffered expert testimony where Code 46.2-817 does not make expert testimony concerning a defendants mental state at the time of the offense admissible at trial without an insanity defense 1453174 Joaquin Shadow Rams, Sr., a/k/a, etc. Commonwealth of Virginia 02/26/2019 No error in trial courts finding that evidence was sufficient to prove victims death was a homicide and that appellant was the criminal agent; denial of appellants request for a bill of particulars was not reversible error 1613174 James Wesley Amonett, Jr. Commonwealth of Virginia 02/19/2019 Appellants failure to provide a transcript of the suppression hearing precludes the Court from considering his arguments that promises of leniency made by the police constitute a binding immunity agreement; trial court did not err in concluding the existence of such an agreement is not proper question for jury or in admitting testimony of a forensic witness 0685174 Thomas Robert Lienau v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 06/04/2019 Appellants convictions of first-degree murder, breaking and entering with intent to commit murder, and violation of a protective order affirmed 0256184 Christopher Michael Ellis v.

Commonwealth of Virginia 05/28/2019 No error in appellants conviction of aggravated malicious wounding where evidence and reasonable inferences therefrom established there was a temporal interval between the initial malicious wounding, with victim remaining alive, and the subsequent death of the victim 1582184 Alexandria City Public Schools & Alexandria City School Board v.

Manali Shah 07/16/2019 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying appellants motion for a continuance to allow him additional time to present argument after improperly assuming the trial court would continue the scheduled hearing and failed to appear at that hearing and trial court continued case for several hours to allow counsel to be present and present argument before entry of decree 0769182 Kelly Daniel Bass v.

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Commonwealth of Virginia 07/30/2019 No error in trial courts finding that Code 18.2-472.1 is constitutional where appellants First Amendment rights are not violated by the identity reporting requirements imposed by Code 9.1-903(B) or (G) or by the criminal penalty imposed by Code 18.2-472.1 0687182 Jack Randall Young v. of Medical Assistance Services/Commonwealth of Virginia 07/23/2019 Upon a Rehearing decision of trial court requiring appellant to reimburse appellee affirmed where appellant failed to comply with policies and procedures concerning criminal background checks on employees 1711184 Adel Elias Alwan v.Christina Price and Walter Ryan Matzuk 06/11/2019 Trial court erred in determining appellee Matzuk was a parent of the child and, based on that finding, in determining custody and visitation 1824181 Steven Allen Starr v.Margaret Anne Starr 06/11/2019 Trial court did not err in determining the marital portion of appellants military retirement by using the length of service as of the date of the divorce as the denominator, representing the hypothetical date of retirement 0140174 Braulio Marcelo Castillo, s/k/a Braulio Marcello Castillo v.Commonwealth of Virginia 05/07/2019 Trial court did not err in sustaining the Commonwealths challenge to one of appellants peremptory strikes 0370183 Justin Godfrey Fahringer v.Commonwealth of Virginia 04/30/2019 Trial court did not err in refusing appellants proffered jury instruction concerning evidence of prior sexual conduct between appellant and the victim where there was no evidence of any actions between appellant and the victim approaching sexual conduct 1204184 Sofia Khalid-Schieber, f/k/a Sofia Tanweer Hussain v.

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