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June, 2011: Ke$ha gives a deposition – just unsealed – during the DAS case. Luke never made sexual advances at me." Her lawyer now claims that she "equivocated" in her testimony because she was "under threat" from Luke at the time.

What might be in the rest of these sealed depositions is a matter of some dispute.

May 2010: DAS files suit against Ke$ha, claiming that she owes them million in commissions for work they've gotten her since their firing.

They claim Luke owes them an additional million.

, Sebert signs a management deal with David Sonnerberg's DAS Communications.

She also adopts a dollar sign in her stage name, in an ironic nod to the financial struggles she was having during this period.

Ke$ha claimed in her 2013 reality series that Luke scrapped most of the seventy songs she wrote for the album, including her favorite, "Machine Gun Love." March 27, 2012: The DAS case is decided.

Luke, meanwhile, is claiming through his lawyers that he is being subject to "trial by Twitter," with his reputation being ruined by an artist who just wants out of her contract and will do anything to make it happen.(Photo by Katie Stratton/Getty Images) 2005: Kesha Rose Sebert, who had just turned 18, signs with producer Lukasz "Dr.Luke" Gottwald's production company as a songwriter and performer.He claims that Kesha and her mother have "orchestrated a campaign of publishing false and shocking accusations against Gottwald to extort Plaintiffs into letting Kesha out of" her record deal.  The suit also claims "tortious interference," saying that Rovner directed his client against Luke in order to gain more control of Kesha's career.October 29, 2014: Luke files a nearly identical defamation suit, but only against Kesha's mother.

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