K 9 sex updating to lenny from etch

I never believed that a dog could make me so submissive. I am now 44 yrs old and stiil very active in this lifstyle.I am of course now a bitch to a diifferent dog and have had lots of experiences in between masters.The stories I like best are the ones concerning K9s.I had fantasised so often about me taking a K9 but never tried it until recently.After a while a felt good and only when I opened my eyes did i realize that the dog was licking me and and it was pleasure he was giving me rendered me helpless to stop him.I was even aware that I had spread my legs to open my self up to him.he then pulled me closer his nails digging to my hips. He was now fucking me with quick sharp doggy moves.driving hid cock deeper and deeper in. After what seened a long time i felt him thrusting harder at me.I could feel something pressing against my lips with every head was swimming amd then a flash of pussy was being stretched then he was all the way into my pussy and still trying to go further.

My fat pussy was on fire as I rubbed my clit between my two fingers.

Surrendering to the intense pleasure, i lifted my ass to himand when he stated licling from my pussy upwards to my butt I lost all control.

I became aware that the licking had stppoed, i was just about to look over my shoulder when I felt his weight on me, his huge paws under my hips dragging me towards him.

My boyfriend is ok with it and hopefully one day he can participate.

That will happen at his pace in his own time or I accept that it mey never happen.

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