Jonathan keltz partner dating

Sparks between them fly, but when a photo of them gets leaked to the press, Susanna is in for the shock of her life when Nate is called back home by his mother…for his coronation as the King Nathaniel of Cambria!

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Two teens sneak into another high school's cafeteria and are chased out by the janitor and eventually stopped by the police.

" /The movie has positive messages about diversity and looking past someone's reputation.

Lucas learns that he shouldn't wait to tell Simone how he feels, even though there's a risk she won't reciprocate his feelings.

Unlike most movies featuring high schoolers, the characters in Prom don't swear, discuss sex, or indulge in overt public displays of affection.

There's some tension between a rogueish character and a group of guys who disrespect his mother, but the ensuing fight is brief and only shows one punch and some shoving.

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