Jon began dating ellen ross

Once in a while, John Ross watched the show with Shelby, but he enjoyed it more than he led on.

His proposal plans began to take shape around one of his favorite locations in the show, the River Court.

With his ideas in mind, he began to have secret meetings with her friends.

A secret dinner meeting with Ellen, one of Shelby’s friends, took John Ross all the way to the jewelry store where he bought her ring!

Sneakily trying to “fix” Shelby’s phone, John Ross put his phone number in her contacts and texted himself. Over the next few months, they were inseparable, constantly texting and finding any moment in the day they could be together.

Finally, in December, John Ross asked Shelby to be his girlfriend.

After a few months of dating, Shelby and John Ross decided that they were better off as friends.

Despite this, they continued to talk every day and their friendship continued to grow.

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Upon this realization, John Ross decided to give it another shot.John Ross loved her candid, hilarious response and so their friendship blossomed.After RLC, Shelby was transferred into a Natural Resources class taught by one of South Johnston’s agriculture teachers, Mr. On her first day in class, she quickly realized that she was one of the only underclassmen, a sophomore, surrounded by seniors.Seemingly by fate, Shelby noticed a familiar face: John Ross.As the weeks went on, Shelby and John Ross moved seats to sit together and their friendship continued to grow.

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