Jason mayhem miller dating

Miller had been in custody since October 19th, 2018 after he was arrested under suspicion of smashing a marble table, punching holes in doors, and derailing a garage door at a woman’s home in La Habra, CA.

That woman – who had a protective order against Miller – is the same person who Miller admitted assaulting in September, 2017.

Miller (singer-songwriter of Godhead) is 46 years old (born January 5, 1972 in Cheverly, Maryland).

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After numerous run-ins with the law over the years, retired MMA star Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is finally going to spend time behind bars.

The 38-year-old plead guilty to one felony count of vandalism and a misdemeanor count of violating a protective stay-away order at an Orange County court on Thursday.

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