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If you’ve had the distinct displeasure of trawling these forums, you’ll find adjectives like “fierce”, “willful”, and “vocal” commonly used by these dudes to describe their Singaporean, female counterparts. To them, relationships are about power and they like to dominate. Significant others should look pretty, sit down, and shut up.

Just like how, because of clichés in popular culture, many might assume Japanese women behave.

They want to have a career after marriage, and that kind of lifestyle is easier to have in Singapore.

Singaporean men are also more likely to not expect their wife to just stay home, cook, and look after the children.”The Singaporean male’s appeal also lies in our country’s diversity.

If they’re agreeable to the terms and decide to enrol in the programme, they have to submit the relevant and original documents which will be fact-checked and verified.

These include income statements (male applicants who have an annual income of below S,000 will be rejected), educational certificates, proof of Singaporean citizenship or PR status (legal reasons), and proof of singlehood (no records of a ROM certificate), to name a few.

Up until the first meeting itself, and even after, there’s no direct correspondence between man and woman save for what happens during the omiai session.

In fact, not exchanging personal contact information or even your full name during this stage is not only encouraged, but a part of the contract to ensure privacy is respected, and no stalking occurs.

In cases where the lady resides in the land of the rising sun, a Skype date will be planned by both agencies.Almost as though Destini was encouraging a very specific, prevalent stereotype of Japanese (or even Asian) women.Ms Kuichi tells me that she used to study in Singapore when she was younger and came back to have working experience here as well.Contrary to what you might expect of an international matchmaking site (that accepts all applicants and is only out to make a quick buck), it turns out that Destini’s business model has been well thought out.It hinges on 3 clear-cut “stages” and before any proper dating occurs, applicants must first attend the aforementioned free consultation, during which Destini’s various services, tier prices, and contracts will be thoroughly explained.

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