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She is also an enthusiastic supporter of several charities, including support for wounded servicemen and their families.Her father Major Robert Cain won the VC at Arnhem in September 1944. Francie met Jeremy while she was a recruitment consultant.sadly she will never read my first published piece and I’ll never be able to discuss it with her, hear her encouragement and feel wonderful that I made her proud,” she wrote.Her candid, open style has proved a huge hit with readers, who are fascinated by her life in a £2million Herefordshire castle, said to be haunted, where she drives a Land Rover and is surrounded by dogs, cats, horses and so on.James May is the amiable bloke, the perfect foil to Clarkson’s hectoring school bully and Ham- mond’s the laddish pretty boy.It is the most popular show on BBC2 (with as many women watching as men), with 350million viewers worldwide.But only three people can truly understand the impact of the programme behind the scenes.

Before teenage-hood he attended Caerleon Endowed Junior School in Newport until he and his family moved to South Yorkshire and he attended Oakwood Comprehensive School in Rotherham alongside actor Dean Andrews from Ashes to Ashes and Life On Mars.

The women all deal with their fame- by-association in different ways.

Amanda “Mindy” Hammond came to prominence while her husband was in hospital following his high-speed crash.

As is the case with any show with multiple hosts, fans will develop a favorite. I enjoy James’ more “scholarly” attitude, and his interests are more in line with my own.

Perhaps you’re a loyal Clarkson-er, or maybe Richard’s antics are more your cup of tea. With that, let’s take a look back at the life and times of one Captain Slow (or Mr.

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