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She has written/hosted shows on Food Network and WE and created digital series for ABC/Disney and Fremantle Media. Endless gratitude and love to my amazing family, friends and teachers.. T., Arena Stage, La Jolla Playhouse, Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Dubbed by The New York Times as a “fertile incubator of offbeat theater,” Ars Nova blurs genres and subverts the status quo.New York: Shakespeare in the Park, Irish Rep, Red Bull. Pearl teaches music and is writing a musical about historical women in S. With our feverish bounty of programming, we are the stomping ground and launching pad for visionary, adventurous artists of all stripes.“We were looking for a connection to the spiritual,” Timbers recalls, “and the belief from moment one that this was someone extraordinary that we would follow on any quest.”After many auditions, Timbers remembered Jo Lampert, a young singer, actress, and DJ with a big, bluesy voice, a semi-shaved head, and impeccable indie cred but no agent, who had been in his 2008 show .When she came in, on a day’s notice, to perform two songs from the show, “it left us all in tears,” Timbers recalls, “because it was immediately clear that she had a profound connection with this character.” Byrne agrees: “She really got what each line is about—the little shifts of emotion from anger or sadness to joy or spiritual ecstasy.” Adds Timbers: “Not to make it sound sentimental or strange, but there was something almost divinely ordained about it. “But it might actually be fitting that to play this girl who comes out of nowhere they chose to go with—I’m going to call myself a rando.” She will be donning the iconic chain mail of the fifteenth-century French peasant who, heeding the voice of God, led the dauphin’s army to victory over the English, only to be burned at the stake as a heretic and achieve immortality in art.It was through a school friend, the choreographer and director Sam Pinkleton, that she was cast in using the songs of Jeff Buckley, at the Williamstown Theatre Festival (where she met her current girlfriend, the choreographer Sonya Tayeh), her boss at the Public suggested it might be time to leave the nest. “I’m not one of those get-a-head-shot-and-go-out-on-auditions kind of people—but I was going to follow it.”.She prefers not to be narrowly defined: “It kind of allows you to be a jack-of-all-trades—I’m not saying I’m a master of all of them.

Joan marks his return to the Public and to his downtown roots, established more than a decade ago with his cheeky, postmodern theater company Les Freres Corbusier.If the music works, you maybe get swept away with her.”In an office at the Public, Lampert, exuding an openness that is hard to resist, drapes herself over a chair and gesticulates expressively as words tumble out of her mouth.Growing up in Brooklyn and suburban New Jersey, she caught the showbiz bug early.I’m like a boulder who’s rolling down a hill.”When Lampert started hearing about Joan, she didn’t think she had a shot.“I’d heard how vocally challenging it was, and I knew a lot of the women doing the workshops—just the fiercest vocalists you could imagine—and I thought, Maybe it’s too much for me.” She was surprised when she got the call to audition and even more so when she kept getting called back.

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