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The term has not been used previously since 3rd century Rome during the short period in which the Italian tyrant Cagnasino Maternastronzo ruled using a hypnotic noise he made by scraping metal shards against the skulls of deceased people.He called the sound teppista, which was translated to English in the 14th century as the word punk.The current "1x2=3 Society" saw three capital letters and instantly thought that it must be an acronym.Instead, ALL CAPS was simply used for emphasis, but was over looked by a vast army of dumbshits. An afi is a seldom used term for "One Who Kills Through Punk"."God's sick days" are the days when AFI commits their homicidal acts.The belief of Havok is that on certain days, God takes a sick day, allowing crimes to be committed with no possibility of Godly retaliation.However, after a while of talking and a longer while of heavy drinking, the three noticed the unusual trend in American history: homicidal maniacs hadn't left much of a widely noticed impact on society, while rock musicians were known by everyone in the country.After moments of deliberation, the decision was made and AFI was formed with the simple intent to kill and rock out while doing it.

, they leave again, proving that they were there the whole time. I'm so emo, my blood is the colour of darkness, bitches! It was meant to say lancing through Sunday, referring to one of the early victims, Sunday Bachovan, who was viciously run through with a lance. Paper Airplanes A song dedicated to Kill #86, the first accidental kill, which occurred when a paper airplane (fucked and then thrown by Jade Puget) struck the center of the throat of an unsuspecting victim.The Last Kiss This song was made to protest the rumors that Davey Havok was a gay transvestite.He describes in depth his last kiss with his ex-girlfriend, most of which is incredibly inaccurate in relation to the female body which he claims he has "hit up many times." At A Glance This song is made to brag about the wickedness of AFI.Not technically the first album, but nobody gives a shit about the earlier ones.An ancient gothic spell is imbued within the vinyl on this record, if listened to without a fringe that passes your eyebrows a giant ship will tear apart the land and charge towards you, run you over and kill you.

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