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The wards emphasized that, among other virtues, she had the one of obedience. When everything was settled and Professor Kazimirowski hired, we started to go to the Rasos district, to the Sisters of the Visitation, where he lived, in order to tell him how to paint it.

When it was almost finished I went to the room with Sister Faustina – we were to say whether the image was good or not.

During one of our conversations she mentioned the other congregation and I told her that the Divine Mercy would not leave us – she did not counter.

A replica of the first image was brought to Cracow in order to be copiedsmall pictures which had been ordered by Rev. The priest asked me to go with Sister Faustina to Cebulski, where the images and novenas were to be printed.

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As regards matters pertaining to the Divine Mercy, it was very difficult for her to renounce her self-will.

When Sister Faustina came back to ‚Józefów’, where I also was, I frequently noted that she was upset because the Feast and worship of the Divine Mercy progressed slowly.

For that reason it could be seen that that her disposition was frequently unbalanced: she was sometimes very joyful and then she was sadder, which had not been the case previously.

She was very patient and was never heard to say that our wards were useless, that she could not teach them anything etc.

She always very patient with them and they found her smile nice and appealing.

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